Human beings are ‘social creatures’ meaning that we are dependent on relationships in life to form a healthy sense of self and our own unique personality in adulthood. Once again, it is our early developmental years, which influence and structure how we go on to be in relationships later on in life. We are conditioned to respond and develop in line with the social belief systems of our primary care givers, and obtain a sense of whom we are by biological and social factors provided in early life from these influences, as well as the environmental and cultural influences.

There are key developmental stages in human social evolvement such as childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, adulthood and mid-life which can put significant strain on relationships in our life, as we seek to ‘individuate’. How we are in relationships – be it friendships, intimate, work, or casual – form a vital part of our self-security and well-being in life. None more so than in an intimate relationship, where the joining of two souls become so close that it stimulates vulnerability, making the individuals susceptible to rupture.

Many respond to this over time by developing what is known as ‘co-dependent relationships’ which is to be dependent on others in order to validate themselves, or the opposite, which is an individualistic and isolated lifestyle where the person is unable to trust or allow anyone to get too close through fear of rejection or abandonment. In its most extreme, these can cause what is known as ‘personality disorders’, which are disorders that affect sustainable relationships and deeply impact on the individual and all those around them. Personality disorder is an attachment-based disorder, which means that its routes lie in early development and are always problematic, persistent and pervasive.

How RECORE treats relationship difficulties

At RECORE we use a holistic and person-centred treatment method to help you address relationship difficulties and live life in a more harmonious way. Our Programmes incorporate a combination of talking therapies, systemic work and complimentary therapists will help address the painful effects that problematic relationships have had on your body and life.

Treatments are tailored to help you to identify where and how problems have developed in your relationship and help you learn new skills that will enable you to have a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and with others. We will explore the impact unhealthy relationships have on your life and how ‘your belief system, culture and life style’ might relates to your relationships.

By exploring your ‘belief’ system and life style our treatments at RECORE will provide you with necessary skills required to change unhealthy or harmful behaviour and beliefs that may have developed. At RECORE informative workshops, discussion groups, rest, relaxation and fun will be a healing part of your treatment. We call this method of treatment a prescription for life. RECORE programmes work at teaching you new life changing skills that help to build resilience, take better care of yourself and those you are in relationship with.

Why Choose Us

  • Luxury, exclusive facilities in Kusnacht and Braunwald, Switzerland
  • Respect for your confidentiality and privacy
  • A bespoke, holistic approach encompassing mind, body and life
  • Treatment not only of your symptoms but the root causes of your issues
  • A combination of 1-to-1 and intimate group therapies
  • The most effective aspects of general and alternative medicines
  • Specialist health professionals in medicine, psychotherapy and psychiatry
  • Resident expert trauma psychotherapist Dr. Peter Levine


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