What is isolation and emptiness

Are you are living a life that feels ISOLATED and EMPTY? When life has become isolating and empty you might also feel depressed, despair, lonely, and alienated. These are all feelings we can feel at different periods during our life and can be related to a number of situations or experiences that might have occurred to trigger these feelings. These feelings many occur separately or together and can be related to or triggered by; physical illness, trauma, an experience dating back to early childhood, bereavement, family problems, relationship break down, redundancy, retirement, other life style and life-changing events.

If you have been feeling isolated and empty for a prolonged period of time it may have a serious impact on your physical, emotional, mental health and your home and work life too. The good news isolation and emptiness can be addressed. Many ‘symptoms’ can be identified when someone is living in isolation and recognising these symptoms sooner means help can be sought sooner.

Symptoms of isolation and emptiness include; having a low self-worth, no confidence or poor self-esteem, excessive sleeping or not being able to sleep at all, not feeling motivation, spending days or weeks alone, over or under eating, loss of libido, drinking excessive alcohol or taking other drugs, crying a lot, having a low self-worth, low self-esteem, feeling like there is no point or purpose in life, feeling empty in side, not wanting to live or engage in any activity, feeling anxious about change and yet not wanting things to stay this way. Sometimes people can ‘appear’ happy on the outside and ‘wear’ a mask in front of others, but when alone the above symptoms are present.

How RECORE treats isolation and emptiness

At RECORE we use a holistic and person-centred treatment method to help you recover from isolation and emptiness and live life in a more harmonious and connected way. Our programmes incorporate a combination of talking therapies, medical treatments and complimentary therapies to help relax and heal your body and mind.

Our treatments are tailored specifically to help you to identify where, why and how the isolation and emptiness developed in your life and help you learn new skills that will enable you to re-engage in life, build relationships and find a new purpose. Talking therapies will enable you to understand the root cause of your isolation and feelings of emptiness. We will explore the impact feeling empty is having on your life and how ‘your belief system and life style’ relates to your situation and wellbeing. Our treatments such as life coaching and life skill workshops will provide you with necessary tools and techniques required to develop new behaviours; build your confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem. In turn this will help restore a healthy self-worth give you a sense of empowerment and motivation.

At RECORE rest, relaxation, healthy nutrition and enjoyment and fun will be a healing part of your treatment. We call this method of treatment a prescription for life. RECORE programmes work at teaching you new life changing skills that help to build resilience, enable you to take better care of yourself and teach you how to balance life while incorporate a healthier life pattern.

Why Choose Us

  • Luxury, exclusive facilities in Kusnacht and Braunwald, Switzerland
  • Respect for your confidentiality and privacy
  • A bespoke, holistic approach encompassing mind, body and life
  • Treatment not only of your symptoms but the root causes of your issues
  • A combination of 1-to-1 and intimate group therapies
  • The most effective aspects of general and alternative medicines
  • Specialist health professionals in medicine, psychotherapy and psychiatry
  • Resident expert trauma psychotherapist Dr. Peter Levine

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