What is chronic pain

Each year, millions of people are diagnosed with some form of chronic pain. This diagnosis can lead to serious psychological problems – including depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. Mainly due to our modern lifestyle, problems with joint and bone health have become epidemic. In particular joint and back pain are the main causes for early disability. Unfortunately for the huge amount  of people who suffer from these problems, conventional medicine is mostly focused on treating the symptoms with drugs or surgery but not for the reason.

But pain could happen even due to much other reasons and chronic pain syndrome (CPS) has typically baffled conventional practitioners. Faced with a huge mix  of symptoms, CPS patients are simply told to cope with their pain through a menu of painkiller medications.

But the problem is that the prescribed drugs themselves are reason of side effects which can be more dangerous and harming  than the actual disease. This means that patients find limited relief from the discomfort but not the factors that gave rise to their problems. Without treatment aimed at a cure, the conditions become chronic and inevitably get worse. 

How do we treat chronic pain

At Recore we do it the opposite way: Our goal is searching the root of the problem. We want to help our  patients to reduce the dosage of their painkillers or even stop them completely. To do this we have to work in a holistic way doing diagnosis first to search for the source of the pain. Usually it is a chronic – often silent – inflammation which underlies all the problems. Examining special blood values up to genetic profiles we look for those underlying factors that are at the root of the pain problem.

First we diagnose the underlying causes of the pain, as well as the connections among the problems. For example, mineral deficiencies and chronic acidification, tooth problems or dysfunctional gut flora. From there we proceed with a comprehensive treatment program individually designed each patient.

Additionally most of the patients have to change their lifestyle. Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles leads to development of pain throughout the body. Focusing on better musculoskeletal management, we use different therapeutic approaches including somatic experiencing to release trauma from the body and  myoreflextherapy to restore the coordination of the muscles and the nervous system.

By eliminating all influencing factors (e.g. dental foci, food allergies, mineral, vitamin and trace element deficiencies, electromagnetic stress, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, etc. more than 80% of all patients we treat for these basic disorders fully recover. The ultimate goal from recore is to encourage patients with chronic pain to adopt better, healthier lifestyles, complete with regular exercise and necessary supplements that the body might be lacking.

Why Choose Us

  • Luxury, exclusive facilities in Kusnacht and Braunwald, Switzerland
  • Respect for your confidentiality and privacy
  • A bespoke, holistic approach encompassing mind, body and life
  • Treatment not only of your symptoms but the root causes of your issues
  • A combination of 1-to-1 and intimate group therapies
  • The most effective aspects of general and alternative medicines
  • Specialist health professionals in medicine, psychotherapy and psychiatry
  • Resident expert trauma psychotherapist Dr. Peter Levine

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